Sakai Gradebook Basics

A great way to get started with any Learning Management System (LMS) is to select one or two tools and practice your skills when teaching a face-to-face course.  These should be tools that are meaningful to your students.  

Sakai Gradebook Basics Video (8:26)

Nothing is more meaningful to most students than their grades.  Using the Gradebook tool in Sakai is a great way to let students have 24/7 access to their progress.  Creating your gradebook can take some time to organize but it is worth the time as you move through a term and are able to keep students informed on their progress.  Most of the requests that we get for help revolve around the gradebook settings.  I’d like to emphasize that a well-constructed gradebook created at the beginning of the term is the way to go.  Too often we receive calls during the last couple of weeks of a term with gradebook problems that could be avoided by a little advance planning!


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