“Absolutely No Studying Allowed” Quiz – by Scott Bledsoe, Grad Psychology Faculty


This activity promotes active learning and review of course content without the scourge of test-taking anxiety. Students work in groups to construct quiz items based on course material over a week, month, mid-term or entire semester. Students start out with a perfect score (10/10) and only lose points if they do not work collaboratively in their groups. The entire activity should last approximately one hour.

Materials Needed:

Flash Drives – three to four should be sufficient

Goofy Prizes (e.g., Spinning Tops from the dollar store, pieces of candy) Laptop or Classroom Computer

Preparation Beforehand:

  1. A few days before the quiz, email the template file (figure A – next page) to all students in the course and tell them to bring the template, study materials and laptops, tablets, etc., to
  2. Decide whether groups should review the same material (e.g., everyone reviews Chapters three and four) or separate sections (first group reviews the first chapter, second group review the second, ).
  3. On the day of class, bring flash drives to transfer data from group laptops to your
  4. Also bring enough goofy prizes for each student in the
  5. NOTE: This lesson plan is based on a class of 28 students – 7 groups of 4 students each – so plan to modify it accordingly. Using this format, each group will be responsible for 24 quiz items.

During Class/Quiz Preparation:

  1. Divide students into seven groups of four students
  2. Number each group from one to
  3. For 25 – 30 minutes, each group does the following:
    1. Assigns one member to construct the quiz items using the PowerPoint (PPT) template (figure A). This student will do the following:
      1. Expand the PPT template (copy & paste) to four slides for each of the quiz
      2. Number each quiz Item according to group # by filling in the blanks: For example, Group One will number their items 1, 2, 3, and 4; Group Two will number the items 5, 6, 7, 8, and so
    2. Collaboratively reviews course material previously assigned (See item 2 above in the “Preparation Beforehand” section).
    3. Constructs four multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank quiz items using the template (figure A). Items can be factual, analytical, creative, humorous, etc., or a combination thereof. For example, the first three items could be factual while the last could be creative (e.g., Fill-in- the-blank: Which Marvel Superhero most closely resembles the character from the novel?)
    4. Writes down all answers on a separate sheet of paper and includes the group number.
    5. Once completed, the group is responsible for transferring file with the 4 items onto a flash drive, labeling it “Group , Items       –     ” and giving you the flash drive & answer
  4. Create a desktop folder on your laptop (or classroom computer) and copy and paste each group file to that

During the Quiz:

  1. Remind students that the quiz is worth 10 points and all who worked collaboratively will receive full credit.
  2. Each group will do the following:
    1. Number a sheet of paper from 1 to
    2. Cross out the quiz items created by that group (e.g., Group 1 will not receive credit for Items 1, 2, 3 and )
  3. Using the group PowerPoints, display each quiz item in succession on the classroom
  4. Give an appropriate amount of time (approx. 10 – 15 seconds) for each item before moving to the next
  5. At the end of the quiz, ask students to tally correct answers out of 24 total
  6. Bring out the bowl with the goofy
  7. Members from the group or groups with the highest score will claim their prizes first, followed by second highest scores, third highest scores, etc. Make sure all members receive a


Final Words of Wisdom

  1. Feel free to modify this activity as
  2. Above all, have fun!


Content by Scott Bledsoe, PsyD, Department of Graduate Psychology tsbledsoe@apu.edu



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