How Do I Convert a F2F Course to a Hybrid Course?


Synopsis of Video: This covers the process of converting face-to-face course to a blended (hybrid) course, from initial course review to working with technology. Learn a step-by-step approach to maximizing the educational benefits of blended learning—in a minimal amount of time make the most of what you’re already doing and learn to use technology to enhance student engagement and learning.

*Please note that there is an official approval process for converting face-to-face course to blended at APU.  Details can be found on the Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology website.

Faculty Testimonial

“I am in the process of prepping a course for this spring with freshmen accounting principles students, and I think several of these hybrid methods will help my students learn the material more effectively. Taped lectures for those who need to listen again. Quizzes outside of class to free up time in class to discuss what they’ve already attempted. I plan to recommend the video to my accounting colleagues. Also, I will tape my lectures in class and put edited portions online, encouraging my colleagues to do the same.” ~ John Thornton, Faculty and Chair, Leung School of Accounting, School of Business and Management



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